API Documentation

Main Interface

The Lakesuperior API modules of most interest for a client are:

Lower-Level Interfaces

lakesuperior.model.ldp handles the concepts of LDP resources, containers, binaries, etc.

lakesuperior.store.ldp_rs.rsrc_centric_layout handles the “layout” of LDP resources as named graphs in a triplestore. It is possible (currently not without changes to the core libraries) to devise a different layout for e.g. a more sparse, or richer, data model.

Similarly, lakesuperior.store.ldp_nr.base_non_rdf_layout offers an interface to handle the layout of LDPR resources. Currently only one implementation is available but it is also possible to create a new module to e.g. handle files in an S3 bucket, a Cassandra database, or create Bagit or OCFL file structures, and configure Lakesuperior to use one, or more, of those persistence methods.

Deep Tissue

Some of the Cython libraries in lakesuperior.model.structures, lakesuperior.model.rdf, and lakesuperior.store have Python-accessible methods for high-performance manipulation. The lakesuperior.model.rdf.graph.Graph class is an example of that.

Full API Documentation